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Common Bad Practices That Reduce The Lifespan Of Your Car in Pompano, Hollywood and Plantation

After buying a shiny new car or a treasured second-hand car, many car owners would like to get the best bang for their buck by making the vehicle last as long as possible.

Unfortunately, it is a common recurrence for many car owners to unintentionally practice bad habits which reduce the lifespans of their pride and joy.

Here are a couple of bad practices which almost every car owner is or has been guilty of –

  • Forgetting to engage the parking brake – Wherever you park, even if you park on an even surface, it is important to remember to engage the parking brake. When you engage the parking brake it takes some pressure off of the parking pawl. A parking pawl is a piece of metal inside the transmission that locks the drive-train so that the vehicle will not move while it is stationary.
  • Engaging the parking brake helps it and other components last longer.
  • Leaving the vehicle in gear at red lights – Whenever you press the clutch pedal, the throw-out bearing has to remain in contact with the pressure plate. This leads to faster corrosion.
  • Keeping the tank almost empty – If you keep the tank almost empty on a regular basis, it will heat up the oil pump which will increase the friction between engine parts. Try filling a full tank of fuel to keep the engine cool and healthy.
  • Revving your engine – Everyone wants to be like Vin Diesel from the Fast and the Furious series. Unfortunately, in real life this will cause damage and premature wear to the engine.
  • Ignoring the warning signs – If you hear or feel something strange in your vehicle, don’t ignore it because you can save a lot of money if you catch a small problem before it becomes a big problem.

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