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What is an alignment? An alignment adjusts the suspension of your vehicle for optimal driving. Alignment specifications are determined by the vehicles manufacturer and are different for each make and model of vehicle. Your technician will work with a computerized machine in order to determine the vehicle current specs and get them to where they need to be.

Driving conditions are the main factor in what will determine the frequency of when your vehicle will need an alignment. There are obstacles on the road that can knock cars out of alignment easily and noticeably but usually the vehicles alignment is altered by a fraction of an inch which is not noticeable to the driver, yet it will begin to cause damage to your tires as long as it keeps being driven. It is beneficial to keep up with the alignment of your vehicle to prevent more costly damages to other parts of the vehicle such as the tires.

Benefits include longer tire life, better fuel performance, and more driver control as you drive and a smoother ride on the road. During an alignment, the technician will look at three things; the camber, toe and caster. A visual inspection will be done, the vehicle will be placed on a rack for inspection of the tires and other aspects. A computerized machine will determine your vehicles current alignment and compare that to the manufacturers specifications that it needs to match.

Some of the most common, obvious signs that your vehicles alignment is off include, pulling to the left or right, not being able to drive straight, uneven tire wear or a crooked steering wheel. When you notice any of these you should bring in your vehicle to be checked. Also have your vehicles alignment checked during your routine maintenance services to stay on top of it before the signs or damage become too obvious and other parts become affected.