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Changing Air and Engine Filters in a Vehicle

Like oil changes and other maintenance tasks, changing cabin air and engine filters is a must in every vehicle. Doing so will improve your vehicle’s engine performance, durability, and miles per gallon.

How do you know when a filter change is required? If your engine gets slower and the air in the car smells funny are some subtle hints. Here is some information on the different filters used in a vehicle and why they should be replaced often.

Types of filters used in a vehicle:

Every vehicle has 4 filters that are essential for smooth functioning – the oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, and cabin filter. The essential function of each is to catch impurities and facilitate a smooth flow to all the engine components. Impurities include dust, contaminants, and dirt. If you do not replace these on a schedule, they could have an adverse impact on the overall functioning.

Role of the different filters:

· Oil filter – this is an important filter as it removes a multitude of particles and keeps the motor oil clean. Its main task is to purify motor oil so that it works correctly.

· Air filter – this filter prevents dust, insects, and other debris from getting into the engine. Every engine requires a balanced mix of air and fuel to function. These filters are made in various shapes and with pleated material to trap unwanted particles. A dirty filter is easily recognized as a new one that will always be white.

· Fuel filter – its job is to remove impurities in the fuel. This filter protects the fuel injectors and is key in maintaining the performance and longevity of a vehicle’s engine.

· Cabin Filter – this one ensures that the air that comes in through the HVAC system is clean. It filters out pollen, dust, and any airborne particles. People with allergies benefit immensely when a good filter works as intended.

While the focus is on other aspects of vehicle maintenance, it is essential to know how these filters work. They are essential elements and including a change of filters on the maintenance checklist will enhance your vehicle’s performance. We are located in Fort Lauderdale near Pompano and Hollywood FL for all your vehicle needs. Check our coupons page here for savings on filter changes.