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Car Cleaning Tips

While it is common to work hard to protect the outside of the car and avoid even one scratch, it is equally important to keep the interiors shiny and new. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the interior of your car. The seats can be torn, a bad odor can be created, and eventually, you will need to shell out some extra cash and pay to have it professionally cleaned. Some helpful advice and secrets are below.

Here are some easy tips to maintain the interiors of your car:

· Vacuum: It might sound like a big task, but vacuuming is actually the easiest and fastest way to clean the mess in your car. Vacuum regularly, say weekly or monthly so dust and dirt do not build up over long periods of time.

· Keep the Center Console Clean: The center console is an important part of the interior as it is one of the most used portions inside your car. Dust can seep in through small openings and can be harmful in the long run and permanently stain the materials. Take an old toothbrush to clean around the buttons, and an old soft cloth to clean the dashboard and other parts.

· Use Quality Cleansing Products: You will find a lot of variety when it comes to car cleaning products but you need to know which one is the most suitable for your need. There is no requirement to buy a whole set of shiny products that will lighten your wallet, if you have these three things, you are good to go! Keep a microfiber cloth for wiping, a deodorizer for a fresh aroma inside, and a DropStop to clean the mess in-between the seats.

· Maintenance of Leather Seats: Leather seats have to be wiped clean as well as conditioned from time to time to avoid their deterioration. Commercial leather cleaner is helpful or just some soap and a damp cloth. This will make your car look newer for longer.

· Cleaning A/C Vents: Surprisingly, one of the worst problems can be dust in your A/C system. Wipe inside the A/C vents as this is where a lot of dust can form and be blown onto you and others inside the car. A toothbrush can also be used to get into the small cracks of the air vents.

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