Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape During Winter

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Winter brings snow, ice and sleet as well as dangerous driving conditions. Winter in Florida is not about snow or ice but lots of rain, thunderstorms and sometimes low temperatures. If you’ve been ignoring maintenance checks for your car, now’s the time to perform basic checks so that you and your passengers stay safe. Here are a couple of things you can do.

  • Check your tires – Make sure your tires aren’t worn. Tires with no tread on wet roads can quickly spell disaster. Hydroplaning on a wet road can make a driver lose control which could result in a serious accident. It’s not only unsafe for you and your passengers but everyone else on the road.
  • Check your wipers – Heat from the summer tends to deteriorate the rubber blades of your windshield wipers. When winter arrives, and things get cold and wet the windshield wipers may begin to crack. If the blades are streaking when it rains, it’s time to have them replaced.
  • Check your car’s radiator system – It’s important that your car’s radiator and heating systems are in tip-top condition during winter. Check the antifreeze level by yourself by using an antifreeze tester.
  • Your gas tank has to be kept full – It’s risky to drive on fumes in summer. However, it becomes even more dangerous during winter. Keep your gas tank filled to at least half to avoid ice in the fuel lines and gas tank.
  • Keep emergency supplies – Life is unpredictable. You should keep basic emergency supplies so that you aren’t in a tough situation. Emergency supplies should include road maps, a spare tire, a flashlight, booster cables, and extra batteries. In addition to those things, you should keep blankets, a first aid kit, a windshield scraper, and umbrella.

Performing regular maintenance checks will keep you safe during a very harsh time of the year. At Bayview Cadillac service we can perform a multi-point inspection and give your vehicle the maintenance it requires. Our friendly, experienced & professionally trained team of expert technicians will work on your vehicle and get it in shape for the season. We are only minutes away from Pompano, Hollywood, Plantation and Miami so come see us today for all your auto repair needs.